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Wild Birds Unlimited of Yorba Linda will donate 20% of your purchase total (not including sales tax).

Spend , goes to Starr Ranch—spend 0, goes to Starr Ranch!

Two other things: I was going through my videos the other day and stumbled on this one of a doing, well, what they do. I get such a kick out of every once in a while catching them unaware while they excavate.

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Some of you may recall watching this nest last year.

Pete 2/8/17 OK, the SR Kestrel Box is back in the house. The honeybees abandoned the K-box and I cleaned it out today.

This morning I noticed House Finches starting to build a nest under the office eave. BTW, for those having trouble with viewing in Fire Fox try going to Tools Network and click “Clear Now” next to “Cached Web Content” (I just had to do this to get the HOFI cam to work.

Fire Fox had cached the setting for the non-working ALHU cam and was ignoring the new settings I had loaded.) Doing this may also help with any comment loading so you get the most current ones, etc.

And finally, the Cavity Cam’s poor quality is likely due to the cams old age and rain related problems, which will be difficult fix given she isn’t leaving for more than a minute or two at a time.

So please know that I’m aware of all of these issues and will fix as soon as I can.

3/18/17 While the K-Box is showing little to no activity, I found a Black Phoebe rebuilding a nest on the old smoke house at Starr Ranch.

So I put a cam on it to replace, for now, the K-Box cam. and were chirping away at me while I spent about 10 minutes putting up the cam.

Once up, please let me know if you see Valerie Sinex, a great Starr Ranch friend and volunteer, is doing a promotion for Starr Ranch at her Yorba Linda Wild Birds Unlimited store.

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