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She also promised new guidelines for teachers and extra training on hate crime for police.

She said: "Tolerance, respect, inclusion – these are attitudes and principles we want to encourage and foster in modern, fairer Scotland." James Morton, manager of the Scottish Transgender Alliance, welcomed the end to "intrusive" medical checks for transgender people who wished to change their birth certificate.

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Around 300 people in Scotland identified themselves as non-binary gender in a recent survey conducted by the Equality Network campaign group.

However, the group believe the true figure could be 10 times higher.

In India, 490,000 people described themselves as "third gender," at the country's last census.

Campaigners said the reforms marked a step forward from the existing Gender Recognition Act, which was seen as groundbreaking when it was passed in 2004.

A "gender fluid" teenager, Gaela Hanlon, described some of the problems facing non-binary people during a speech to the SNP conference earlier this month.

They said they had experienced bullying at school and had been "stumped" by filling in a form asking whether they were male or female.Green Singles has provided the online "green dating" venue for thousands of conscious singles to find their twin flames, soul mates, life partners, beloveds and life-long friends.Some success story couples originally lived in the same city, but tell us that they NEVER WOULD HAVE MET WITHOUT GREEN SINGLES.Nicola Sturgeon pledged to reform gender recognition law to "bring it into line with international best practice," if the SNP returns to power after the May 5 election.The pledge signals the law will be changed to recognise people who are neither male nor female, known as "non-binary gender".The reforms will also allow transgender people, who switch from the gender recorded at birth, to change their birth certificates without having to seek approval from a tribunal of lawyers and doctors, as at present.

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