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Continuing in our very popular series of Migrants’ Tale – first had accounts of the migrant experience in New Zealand taken from locations around the net.

I am a Registered Nurse in Canada, Israel, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas, Hubby is a licensed Civil Engineer (PE) in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Missouri, Oklahoma & Kansas.

He is also a secondary teacher with a specialty in Math & upper sciences in the state of Missouri and has his teaching credentials assessed at Level 7 certificate for New Zealand.

This might forgive the crappy interview, but it probably doesn't.

AJ: "What's your preference, black or white..."JT: "Sand?

I was shocked to learn that New Zealand would “pay” me to sit at home and have unlimited numbers of children through Work & Income, Housing Allowance, Day Care Subsidy& Tax Rebates at birth.

Not a professional salary, but way better then trying to work an entry level position(AND have to pay for daycare).

Black sand, if it's sunny it's a nightmare to play on."AJ: "Too hot to handle."GH: "Was the change to beach volleyball to work on the tan or was it actually strategic? Even the name itself, after the copious sexual references, sounds dirty. Madeleine Chapman is a staff writer at The Spinoff.

In reality, it's a reference to a piss poor delivery in cricket.

"AJ: ".."[Big laughs]AN: "Or are you just not fussy at all?

"[More laughs]JT: "The white sand doesn't heat up as much. You don't really need anyone else."GH: "Sounds like a party."[Guffaws] By this point I had completed my transformation into Gob Bluth and 'The Sound of Silence' was starting to play from somewhere deep within my soul. But even as a fan of sports shows and the dreaded banter, I found nothing for me and my lady brain on Short & Wide.

Earning low wages and eating into savings means that they are now trapped in New Zealand and having to make the best of things (some information has been removed in the interests of privacy): “Hi there, I have been following this thread for a few days whilst I was on Holiday at Lake Tekapo. September 11, 2001 was our 10th wedding anniversary and we had decided that to spend it in New York as we were working and living in Toronto at the time. To this day certain smells and noises make me jump & shudder.

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