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Digital readers have thimble-sized attention spans. So, if your website is running at anything less than a full sprint, kiss your traffic (and revenue) goodbye.

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Dota 2 gamer Sajeden was robbed during a webcam stream (Picture: You Tube) A clip uploaded to You Tube shows Sajeden leave her computer desk to investigate a noise in another room.

Moments later, a man can be heard shouting: On the ground now!

They're also ripe for parody, and You Tuber Zebra Corner is back with another very on-the-nose take on that Chevy hatchback reveal ad.

The craziest rock-climbing event in the world happens annually in the Ozarks of Arkansas, in a u-shaped canyon with enough routes for 24 straight hours of nonstop ascents. Senate Republicans voted Thursday to eliminate broadband privacy rules that would have required ISPs to get consumers' explicit consent before selling or sharing Web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other companies.

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