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(HOH agreed to speak to me on the condition that I not name her, the hotel where she works, or even the city where it's located.) "We bleach the holy heck out of those sheets," HOH continued.

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To see how it was done by Baruch Lanner read the comments on my post: A Call for Examples of Lanner Manipulations.

Following that model, I am limiting comments on this post to examples of manipulative behavior by Elimelech Meisels at his Jerusalem seminaries: Pninim, Binas Bais Yaakov, Chedvas Bais Yaakov and Keser Chaya. I want to emphasize that manipulation isn’t necessarily about sex. But examples of non-sexual manipulation often help illuminate how Meisels also manipulated students into unwanted sexual contact.

Pull the sheets off and leave them balled up on the floor.

All the ladies know what that means, and I promise you that no one goes poking in sheets left on the floor.

It made me feel less alone—I always leave a tip for the maid, too—and it gives me the opportunity to encourage others to do the same.

Anyone who can afford a night or two in a hotel—on business, on vacation, on someone else's wife—can afford to leave a few bucks for the maid. One of my best buddies is gay, and I'm in gay bars with him twice a week or so. ) My question: What's the correct response when I get hit on by men in gay bars?For example, if a session might spread santorum, menstrual blood, female ejaculate, etc, all over the sheets, what to do?Is it better to cover the bed in towels and stain them instead?—Not Overly Concerned Lost Useless Entity A Guys who either don't have boyfriends or do have boyfriends but are in monogamish relationships will frequently say "I have a boyfriend" to get rid of a guy at a bar who they don't find attractive. Finding out he never had a shot at you because you're straight will be easier on a guy's ego than having to wonder what it is you and your imaginary boyfriend didn't find attractive about him.Now, some gay dudes will be annoyed when they discover that the guy they've invested ten whole minutes in eye fucking isn't gay, but most will welcome your presence as proof that—forgive me—it gets better.Should you lay the hotel's towels down on the bed or mess up the sheets?

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