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Most of the babies admitted here are treated for prematurity, birth asphyxia, tetanus, or jaundice.

The nursery also admits infants who are delivered in other locations but need intensive post-delivery care.

‘’Before the floods, for example, in June, we dealt with 13 complicated cases and performed four C-sections,” says MSF obstetrician, Dr. “Now after the floods, in the month of September, we have seen 79 women facing complicated deliveries and our team has performed 10 C-sections.” Even before the floods, there was a critical lack of maternal health care for expectant mothers in Pakistan’s rural areas.

Most women give birth at home in unhygienic conditions with the help of a private midwife—or , as it’s known in the local language, Urdu—leaving them more exposed to deadly infections.

“People in Pakistan unfortunately believe that a good delivery has to be short,” says Dr. “And as such practitioners often give large of amounts of oxytocin—sometimes eight times as much as allowed—in order to have the quicker deliveries, which then leads to more complicated and dangerous births.

This is the biggest problem we face here and we are deeply concerned.” Additionally, she adds, “We are even more worried about cases where the person assisting the delivery already knows the situation has become critical but refuses to send the mothers to the hospital so that they can get still get the poor mothers to pay them the birthing fee.” The babies that are born in the MSF-run maternity ward are transferred to an around-the-clock nursery next to the inpatient department.Only four of her previous pregnancies have come to term, however, and now, in the last month of her pregnancy, she has a prolapsed uterus that has her praying for her unborn baby’s survival.“I hope my husband will allow me to have a Caesarean section and my baby will be fine,” she says.“Someone in the camp told me I should come to this hospital.I really hope my baby will be safe.” Gulatun’s home today is a makeshift shelter in an open area on the outskirts of Dera Murad Jamali in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.The floods have worsened the situation, making it even harder to access the few facilities that offer medical care and putting thousands of women at greater risk of having miscarriages or even of dying during childbirth.

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