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Another reason women might not repeat harassment is that they do not have faith their complaints will bring about any reactions.

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German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has come under fire after reportedly calling for a ban on adverts which "reduce women or men to sexual objects." Critics described the proposed reform as "absurd" and "narrow-minded." Rules may be altered on who becomes "president by seniority" - a cherished role in Germany's lower chamber of parliament.

Under present protocol, a founder of Germany's right-wing populist Af D could soon have the honor.

But only when she started learning about sexism did she realize that it is not acceptable.

"A lot of things that happened to me are unbelievably unpleasant and not at all ridiculous or harmless," she said.

One time, a man kept pressuring her even though she pushed him away many times. In an open letter, the young woman criticized the clubs in the eastern German city of Jena. Sonnefeld "actually really likes" the alternative music clubs in her hometown.

But there is one thing that goes too far for her: "After a certain hour, I am often groped, kissed and harassed against my will." "At first I thought it was normal," Sonnefeld said.() Private German rail operator MRB has introduced women-only compartments on its service between Leipzig and Chemnitz.DW's Kate Brady traveled the route to find out what passengers really think.A student from Jena has been harassed, groped and kissed against her will in nightclubs.In an open letter, she describes what many women are familiar with - and confronts the clubs and the public with her experiences.Then there are some people who say she alone is to blame for being harassed and groped. "I know I dared to raise my voice and now something is changing," Sonnefeld said.

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