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Photo via Flickr user Miran Rijavec"Pregnancy hormones certainly affect all the tissues [in the body], so there is deposition of fat and sometimes there is a lot of retention of fluid," Pisal explains."The color [of the labia] changes from pregnancy, with some increase in deposition of melanin in certain cells of the body.

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It’s always been hard for parents to talk to their kids about sex.

But author Peggy Orenstein says, particularly with daughters, it’s more important than ever.

For her new book, “Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape”, Orenstein interviewed over 70 girls and young women — and from the pressures of social media to the impact of online pornography — what she found disturbed her.

Orenstein says that while girls have more opportunities today than ever, when it comes to sex, they’re getting mixed messages.

We see the appearance of the linea nigra [the vertical line that appears going down the belly during pregnancy], which becomes dark; we see the same changes around the areolae as well.

Not everything will fade with time, but there will be some improvement."Horror stories about "whores with sleeping bags for vaginas" are just that—stories.

In a Two XChromosomes subreddit, user okcookies wrote in to fume about an overheard conversation between two coworkers, in which both men sincerely stated their belief that "the darker the vag the more dudes she's been pounded by."In another archived thread making the rounds this week, another user wrote of her frustration that "a lot of people seem to be under the impression that a female's anatomy changes drastically with every sexual experience she has." This includes but is not limited to the length and color of her labia.

Read more: This Man Gets Paid to Help Women Enjoy Sex Unlike it's well-publicized but evasive cousin, the G-spot, the labia does not attract glowing write-ups in women's magazines or testimonials from happy customers.

I once knew a guy in his early 20s who asked a female friend why women didn’t just sit on the toilet for 20 minutes and push when they had their periods, to get all the blood and tissue out at once.

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