Greek sex hook up site

I’d love you tell you we had an amazing 48-hour dated that culminated in a trip to the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas – mainly because it would be a better story.

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Clearly the formula is working – the app’s success has been meteoric.

In less than a year, they claim to have made 75 million matches, 50 million of which have culminated in engagements – speedy work.

But after much agonising (by which point, both the men in question had moved on to less neurotic Tinderers) I decided I was being irrational – whether you meet someone online, in a bar or through friends, how are you ever going to really know why they’re there beforehand?

Anyway, unlike traditional online dating, Tinder is meant to be a fuss free, quick and simple to meet new people, and I’d turned it into a long-winded palaver.

So, the next guy I matched with, I asked out for a drink, just like that.

He wasn’t working very far from me, and we were both free so opted to meet up that evening.

A couple of months later I’d got bored of trampolining and my thesis on illnesses in general was going nowhere.

I’d also conveniently forgotten that I hate online dating.

I decided to get stuck straight in with some messages – after all instant, snappy interaction is the name of the game. ” Despite my initial boldness, I lost my bottle a bit when it came to suggesting an actual drink. Which meant that 70 per cent of my Tinder matches were contractually obliged to ask me if I wanted to meet up later that evening.

My openers weren’t exactly Shakespearean – “nice dog,” “nice beard,” and “are you Greek? Soon I was engaging in mindless and inane chat with five different blokes. Instead, the conversation dragged on, and by early evening I was getting Tinder fatigue. One was really quite persistent actually – asking me if I wanted to meet up at 8pm, 10.30pm, and midnight and again at 2am. ” asked a (coupled up) friend, wrinkling her nose in disgust – before announcing that Tinder probably wouldn’t be for her. It’s fairly obvious that a significant proportion of users are in it for a hook up – but I’d wager not as many as are on, say, Craigslist (which has a Casual Encounters section for that very purpose).

“It’s difficult to gauge how much people are in it for the hook up, like with Grinder.

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