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A Couple of Bits I'd Like to Bring Your Attention To First of all is the Kickstarter Project from Hardcore Underground who have managed to team up with HTID & Lethal Theory to produce a cutting edge Blu-Ray/DVD of the upcoming HTID USA Event You can check out all the information here Second of all I would also like to mention MC Whizzkid's Artist album, 20 years in the business and still one of the most humble people with in it. I have to say a massive congratulations to T*K*V for reaching the Semi-Finals of the King of the Decks competition! A new updated lineup will be released soon :) Krafty Radio News! If the chatroom on this page isn't working for you try Stompy & Flyin' - Come Follow Me (DJ Storm & Bananaman Remix) 07. For UK / Europe / Asia Bookings: [email protected] text For US / Canada Bookings: [email protected] Licensing: Apologies Gaz on being slightly lazy with this! Chatroom Issues It seems we have recently been having chatroom issues, we are not completely sure what the issues are however believe it is down to the IRC Server we use having issues.

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UKast is a privately funded and privately run online station.

The stream you listen to is 100% free and is made possible by DJs and listeners from all over the world.

Also there are new "Best of Vibealite" CD packs available exclusively on Krafty

A freebie from Hardcore Underground: Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks (VIP DJ Mix) or in MP3 for those who don't like wavs.

You might have heard the rumours about DJ Sy swirling around on Facebook, but as usual it's better to wait for evidence before taking up the pitchforks. If there are any more official statements we'll post them, but until then we'll stay clear of this one.

A new free track from Scarred Digital: [email protected] & Druid: Move And Groove Ya.Some Hardcore Underground news :) Couple of Forthcoming Releases to make you guys aware of if you have not seen already.... Doesn't matter where on the planet they are, we will work something out! B, Douglas, Arkitech, Lost Soul, Alex Prospect, not to forget our very own Midas going back to back with Transcend. There will also be release news as well to feast over! - 3XCD UK Hardcore Album: 27 Unmixed, DJ Friendly Tracks (discs 1 & 2) An exclusive Kyle Wytch Wood & Cruze Mix (disc 3) And a bonus FREE 10 track bundle emailed with every order AVAILABLE TO BUY RIGHT NOW at: CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE AD https://The fantastic HU DJ Tools compilation has reached Volume 4 - Released 5th October In Limited Quantities! Tickets are selling out fast with only 30% of stock remaining - Buy them HERE You can follow all the up to date news on their event page on Facebook More big event news coming later in the week with information regarding H. v=2M0v2D9Bzeg For full tracklisting and all track clips also go to: Although we may not have the time anymore to post daily updates, feel free to join the chat, there is always a friendly user around. Will try to keep the lineup on the left hand side accurate in the mean time. - Clayton W - DJ Cruze - DJ Darts - Fracus & Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Show - DJ C-Regz - The Allkore Riot Show - 1 year special show A special Allkore Riot Show tonight Descent and special guests JAKAZi D, SBZ and Bad Corey!Cat: HUDSCD018 10 x Full Length Tracks (1x CD) - Limited Quantities Format: 1x CD 01. If you haven't seen it yet, Feel The Rush have a great promo video up on Youtube. B's Trouse Remix) (Wav), or in 320k MP3 for those who think Wav's have absolutely no use.Red Moon & Meron Ryan - Heavyweight (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 02. - Klubphazed radio show with DJ Phaze B - Klubphazed radio show with DJ Pezza - Feel The Rush with DJ C & MC Reconize - Vampy Vicious - Hardcore Hit Squad with Buzzman & SPARKLe - PKat vs Demonfish (- EDT) Here's a free mix from DJ Assassin - Clayton W - DJ Cruze - DJ Darts - DJ C-Regz - The Allkore Riot Show presented by DJ Descent - DJ Daft - The Purple Bronies A long awaited freebie from A. We've got a bunch of videos from the latest Hardcore Underground event up on our Youtube page. The closing date is is 28th February and any submissions need to be sent to [email protected] - Olly Thumpa is also looking for tracks for a series of Rebuild Albums he is working on getting released.. Just send him a "Release The Music" message - I'm sure he will love it ;) Thirdly - A Freeform Album you should really buy! It includes an incredible remix of Lemonade Raygun from Transcend and Cyrax! - I want to say a personal thank you to all the DJ's and listeners...

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