the sexperiment movie - How to dominant in female through chat

Piece of piss: Nipple clamps hurt like a motherfucker (at least, the ones I have do) so as a ‘surprise’ they can be a bit hit and miss.If, like me, you’re worried about putting it in just the right place so it neither falls off nor causes him super-intense end-of-nipple pain, they can be nervewracking.Then he does exactly what I want, exactly when I want it.

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One of my favourite dominant fucks happens in the missionary position – generally one in which people assume the gentleman is in control or holding the rythmn.

But if he’s wearing a buttplug, and I’ve looped a belt between his legs so I can tug on both ends to make him go faster/harder/deeper?

I’ve had gents tell me that it’s just ‘not sexy’ if they tell me how to top, or which exact area of their body they want me to slap and tickle, so they’ve respectfully requested that I make it up as I go along and they’ll let me know if I do anything that’s not hitting the right buttons.

But although that eases any worries that I might do something so awful it turns them off submission forever, it doesn’t ease my other pressing concern: that I am a flailing, insecure, bungling twat.

What isn’t so frequently explained, though, is that you can order a guy to do exactly the same thing, with very similar effect.

Bonus points if you can get him to undo his flies under the table while you’re having dinner.

Face-slapping: amazing, if he’s up for it, because it combines humiliation with a bit of pain, and can be done while I’m sitting on his dick.

Requires explicit consent, though, so how do you do this as a surprise?

There are humiliation games for guys that involve wearing my knickers too.

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