How to live chat with girls for free 1 on 1 Chat rooms to get phone sex free no sign up

Sending one Voice Message will cost you 0.3 extra credits during your Live Chat session and each Voice Message can be up to 30 seconds long.

Once the recording has reached 30 seconds, it will automatically be sent.

You can only send and receive photos after a chat has been established by text between you and the lady.

How to live chat with girls for free 1 on 1-8

It costs 1.5 credits for each sent or viewed photo in addition to the normal Live Chat fee.

During your free trial period, sending or viewing each photo will also cost 1.5 credits.

It's free for you to send chat invitations to ladies, and to view chat invitations from ladies. Click here to learn more about how this service works.

You will start to be charged for the corresponding chat only after the lady replies to your invitation, or when you reply to a lady’s. Animated Emoticons are moving smiley faces available on Live Chat.

When you set your status to "Online", ladies can see you online and invite you for conversations via Live Chat.

If you prefer not to receive chat invitations from online ladies, you can set your status as "Hidden".

Please note that to install the Adobe Flash Player, your computer has to meet relevant system requirements.

For further details, please go to the Adobe Flash Player official website: will receive an update notification when opening the Live Chat window if the installed version on your computer is lower than the requirement.

Sometimes the limited number of photos shown on the lady’s profile is not enough.

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