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Gay: a synonym for homosexual in English and some other languages, sometimes used to describe only males who are attracted primarily to other males.

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The environment in Iran today is such that sexual minorities, who are often the victims of abuse and violence, are instead treated as culprits; the state appears to officially sanction harassment and abuse of LGBT persons by private actors and even police; and LGBT persons are often seen as diseased, criminals, or corrupt agents of Western culture.

Despite official pronouncements, however, it is believed that thousands of Iranians self-identify as members of Iran’s LGBT community, while many others engage in consensual same-sex acts prohibited under Iranian law.

Homosexual: a person attracted primarily to people of the same sex.

Intersex: a person who is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the typical definitions of female or male.

Sexual minorities: an all-inclusive term that includes all persons with non-conforming sexualities and gender identities, such as LGBT, men who have sex with men (and may not self-identify as LGBT) and women who have sex with women.

Sexual orientation: the way in which a person’s sexual and emotional desires are directed.

Several individuals interviewed made allegations that members of the security forces had sexually assaulted or raped them.

Abuses resulting from the application of Iranian law are also discussed.

There are, of course, no official statistics regarding the size of Iran’s LGBT population, but their existence is acknowledged in many of Iran’s larger urban areas such as Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz.

In the capital Tehran, for example, there are public areas known to be hangouts for Iranian LGBT.

Some of these areas, such as cafes and restaurants, are associated with more well-to-do and middle class LGBT persons, while others, including several well-known parks, are frequented by LGBT persons who have often been rejected by their families and are living on the fringes of society—particularly gay men and transwomen who resort to prostitution in order to make a living.

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