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Iranians can sometimes access 'forbidden' sites through proxy servers, although these machines can be blocked as well.

In 2003, the United States began providing a free proxy server to Iranian citizens through its IBB service Voice of America with Internet privacy company Anonymizer, Inc.

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ISPs face heavy penalties if they do not comply with the government filter lists.

At least twelve ISPs have been shut down for failing to install adequate filters.

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The proxy website changes whenever the Iranian government blocks it.

The forbidden keywords are controversial—banning "gay" effectively bars access to a host of gay and lesbian sites—and have had unintended consequences.

Internet censorship increased with the administration of conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005.

Regime opponents in Iran are said to rely heavily on Web-based communication with the outside world.

that the company does not have products for Deep Packet Inspection, and only provided Iran lawful interception capability for 3G UMTS mobile networks, which he states, is a fundamental requirement of the UMTS network as defined by the ETSI standards.

Iranian government uses speed throttling as a means of frustrating users and limiting communication.

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