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Bills are the bargaining chips in shifting, cross-party alliances that hinge upon trust and honor.

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These weak bonds play a crucial role in stabilizing the shape of many of the large molecules found in living matter.

Because these bonds are weak, they are readily broken and re-formed during normal physiological reactions.

This means that although the water molecule as a whole is stable, the greater mass of the oxygen nucleus tends to draw in all the electrons in the molecule including the shared hydrogen electrons giving the oxygen portion of the molecule a slight electronegative charge.

The shells of the hydrogen atoms, because their electrons are closer to the oxygen, take on a small electropositive charge.

This means water molecules have a tendency to form weak bonds with water molecules because the oxygen end of the molecule is negative and the hydrogen ends are positive.

A hydrogen atom, while remaining covalently bonded to the oxygen of its own molecule, can form a weak bond with the oxygen of another molecule.

In a water molecule, two hydrogen atoms are covalently bonded to the oxygen atom.

But because the oxygen atom is larger than the hydrogen's, its attraction for the hydrogen's electrons is correspondingly greater so the electrons are drawn closer into the shell of the larger oxygen atom and away from the hydrogen shells.

In water the ionic bonds of the sodium chloride molecule are broken easily because of the competitive action of the numerous water molecules.

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