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March 3, has been named by sex worker rights activists as a day to recognise sex worker rights as human rights.

With banners saying, “sex work is work”, the activists demanded inclusion, dignity and protection of their occupational and human rights.

From behind the closed door, heated conversations can be heard.“I wanted Rs 50,000 for an emergency at home.

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Read | Before demonetisation, the bank sold an estimated 100 cartons (400,000 pieces) of condoms monthly at a subsidised rate of 80 paise a piece to sex workers.

Now it is difficult to sell even 20 cartons (100,000 pieces), the bank officials said.

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Sex workers said some of them are cutting their rates to lure customers but even the discounts are not good enough to revive business. For an A-grade sex worker, the rent for a decent room comes to around Rs 70,000 -80,000 a month.

For B and C grade the rent for a small, dingy room is Rs 350 daily,” said Das.“They also have to pay separately for electrical points.

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In 2015-16, it disbursed loans worth Rs 7 crores to sex workers.

Shefali Das, 50, a former sex worker and president of the bank, said the cost of living in Sonagachi is higher than other neighbourhoods and almost everything runs on cash transactions.

Moreover, girls have to pay touts, local toughs and cops.

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