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While it seems clear that ridesharing is contributing to more responsible driving, it’s less clear what it’s doing for responsible drinking.

Hundreds of thousands of rideshare drivers come to his site each week, Campbell said, and many of them comment about passengers who feel that because they know they’ll have a ride, they are free to get as drunk as they like.

Never has it been easier to be socially responsible and safe on the roads.

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“Alcohol makers can’t just advertise their products, they also have to throw in that caveat that you can enjoy this product but you also have to do it responsibly.

And we haven’t really seen that at all with Uber yet.

It’s a business he started while a part-time rideshare driver himself (something he still does on occasion) as a way to fill an informational void for the rideshare community.

Why risk killing yourself or someone else, after all, when a few taps on your phone gets you a driver, pays for their services in a cashless transaction and allows you to rate them when it’s done — a strong incentive for the driver to provide you with quality service. “In addition to the impact that a DUI has on your personal and professional life, the monetary savings of ridesharing as opposed to even risking a DUI is huge,” Campbell said.

All this is good news at a time when an estimated 28 people die daily in drunk driving accidents.

In short, the study concluded, “Uber is more than just a convenient transportation option — it’s also a powerful tool in the fight to reduce the rate of drunk driving crashes.” Even if you look at the study with a cynical eye (it was, after all, backed by the company that stands to benefit from its message), it’s not hard to believe that services that are convenient, reasonably priced and, yes, hipper than many other ways of getting home after drinking are having a positive effect.As a result, if they are too drunk to negotiate the part of the journey home that comes after leaving the car, it’s easy for them to stumble into harm’s way.Drivers, on the other hand, can find themselves dealing with unruly and sometimes aggressive customers.In fact, Uber has kind of positioned itself as the alternative to drunk driving.But we haven’t really seen them take any of the responsibility, as far as, hey, you also need to keep in mind that just because you have an Uber, you can’t go out and get blasted.“It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you can just take Uber thousands of times and you’ll probably still come out ahead.” Campbell noted that he uses Uber in this reference as a generic term for ridesharing services, as much of the public does these days.

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