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The photography is beautiful and although it may seem slow in some passages, I think that was the director's intention, as to show that the internal emotional evolution process Lady Chatterley's is experimenting takes time to happen...Also to note that it all starts during the Fall and ends in a Summer, as stages of the "soul's" maturity, rippening.

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I would like to be able to recommend it but I don't think most people are going to have the patience to stick with this story to the end. I had always imagined the gamekeeper as a bit more self-confident and cocky. The scenery is beautiful and adds an important dimension to the movie.

Captures the complexity of the characters, class differences, and the eroticism of sexual awakening of a young aristocratic woman. Perhaps Marina Hands finest acting-- and most sexually explicit role as an actress. She simply inhabits the character and deepening sexuality of Lady Chatterly.

" as petulantly as he can, and polishing his self-pity.

Nicholas Clay is a classically trained British actor with an impressive list of credits, but what, I ask you, can he really do with a symbolic log-splitting scene?

Now the BBC has produced a new version of the tale of adultery and passion across the class divide starring bright young things Holliday Grainger, Richard Madden and James Norton - and it's causing controversy once again.

FEMAIL were among those invited to watch a preview of the show set to air in September, featuring sex scenes depicted by Grainger as Lady Chatterley and Madden as her gamekeeper lover Oliver Mellors, that have been described as pornographic.

Just the other night someone was telling me, with a wistful tone, that they ought to do another version of "Emmanuelle," everyone's favorite soft-porn fantasy. The people who made the original "Emmanuelle" did the first two sequels, and there were three dozen rip-offs by other filmmakers.

But nobody ever quite recaptured the charm and the eroticism of that original film. Just Jaeckin, the director, and Sylvia Krlstel, the star, are back with "Lady Chatterley's Lover," which has been shot with great care and dedication and no end of soft-focus filters and glistening lips--but, alas, it just doesn't work.

The obsession, both photographically and from a time duration standpoint, with the landscape serves a significant two-fold purpose---establishing Nature as a primary element in this world and reinforcing the beauty/sensuality of that Nature.

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