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Dog er siden ikke lukket for omverdenen hvilket betyder at du også kan finde personer fra Norge og Sverige og til tider fra andre dele af verdenen.

Her på siden har du mulighed for at se en masse mennesker på kort tid på“ verdens hurtigste dating! Vi tillader ikke transmittering af stødende/upassende materiale.

Endelig en side med dansk chat Her på siden kan du møde nye mennesker eller måske den eneste ene.

you do it from a height that you can jump off so you are guaranteed to break your neck." In a later post, Jannes said that he had been feeling suicidal for about six months, but was too scared to actually attempt anything until he tried to strangle himself with his own hands.

In response to questions, he stated that he was using a network cable to strangle himself because he didn't have any rope, but he was worried that the cable would not be strong enough to take his weight.

Når du vil finde en ny at chatte med, trykkes på samme knap, som nu hedder [Næste].

Rigtig god fornøjelse med den fedeste danske chatside!

Når du klikker 'Start' bliver du automatisk sat sammen med en tilfældig bruger, som også er online på siden.

At du besøger den danske roulette betyder at du primært vil møde danskere at chatte med.

He said that he had set up a webcam to record the event, and would post details later of a FTP server for people to watch. Some offered messages of hope, such as, "How bad can it be? ", "Tell me about yourself." However, other users posted messages saying they didn't believe him, wishing him luck with his attempt, and calling him an .

" Others tried to keep him online by talking to him empathetically: "Is there anything that can make you change your mind?

At around the same time, he also updated his Facebook status to say life was "just too difficult", and that he was going to kill himself. It's not like my life is bad at all, it's actually really good. At p.m., the images show that Jannus stepped out of the shot, and at this point he posted another message to Flashback. The next series of images show him walking back to the cable and hooking it around his neck.

He slumps to the floor, and his body begins shaking while his head and arms turn dark purple until he stops moving.

At p.m., the image feeds show two police officers charging into the apartment and releasing the cable from around Jannus' neck. Two minutes later, two paramedics arrive, and they take over CPR while one of the officers looks around the room at cables; the back of a flat-screen television set; and presumably the computer, as the images finally stop being uploaded.

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