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Some had domestic jobs, like taking care of children, cooking, brewing, or cleaning. They could be craftsmen or even get a higher status.

For example, if they could write, they could become a manager of the master's estate.

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Private ownership of slaves, captured in war and given by the king to their captor, certainly occurred at the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550–1295 BCE).

Sales of slaves occurred in the Twenty-fifth Dynasty (732–656 BCE), and contracts of servitude survive from the Twenty-sixth Dynasty (c.The lives of slaves were normally better than that of peasants.Slaves only attempted escape when their treatment was unusually harsh.Captive slaves were mostly assigned to the temples or a king, and they had to do manual labor.The worst thing that could happen to a slave was being assigned to the quarries and mines.The Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu includes laws relating to slaves, written circa 2100 – 2050 BCE; it is the oldest known tablet containing a law code surviving today. 1700 BCE, also makes distinctions between the freeborn, freed and slave.

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