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There are many reasons why older people decide to live with their children.You may decide to enter into what is called a ‘granny flat arrangement’.

Things went well until Deb started seeing an old boyfriend that Joyce didn’t approve of. Over time the relationship between Joyce and Deb deteriorated.

Deb told her mother that she was selling the house and that Joyce would have to move out.

Wanting a formal agreement doesn’t mean you don’t trust you family.

Even if you are confident that your relationship with your family member won’t deteriorate there are good reasons why you should have a formal agreement: You should get independent legal advice before you make any decisions to move in with your family.

If you delay getting advice you may lose the opportunity to take steps to protect your legal interest in the property.

Also, the law has time limits for certain types of legal action.The things that can happen if you haven't protected your interests include: There are some things you can do to make sure that if things don’t work out as planned your right to a share of the property (your ‘legal interest’ in the property) is protected.These tips can also help you avoid stressful and expensive legal action down the track. Her daughter, Deb, suggested that Joyce sell her home and move in with her and her young daughter.For more information about whether you could lose or have you pension reduced as a result of the arrangement, see the Legal Aid NSW brochure ‘Your home and the aged pension’.It is important to get legal advice as soon as there is any disagreement.This means seeing a lawyer who has not also been seen by your family, and speaking to the lawyer without anyone else in the room.

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