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Since then, he has been the focus of her every waking moment despite the fact that he is a very happy, active toddler now.

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I really wouldn’t mind supporting him financially, but I don’t make enough money yet.

He doesn’t want to go back to school, won’t take any job outside our industry, and his independent projects never get past the “concept” stage.

Alternately, can I somehow defuse Paul’s mother and get her to stop pressuring her son until my career advances?

A: If you believe Paul is clinically depressed, then you can support him best by taking him to the doctor and helping him find appropriate medical treatment.

(I now hesitate to call them friends because I believe they may actually not be friends but acquaintances.) Do you think my former boyfriend may have a point? A: I don’t think that you have dressed too stylishly to give and receive love, no.

Presumably you are not wearing makeup or hairstyles so garish that you cause alarm, and your ex-boyfriend’s armchair diagnosis that “Anyone who wears a full face of makeup is hiding something” sounds like it came straight out of Nonsense Quarterly.

It would have been totally appropriate for him to say, “I’m pulling away because I feel like you’re not willing to be truly vulnerable and committed in this relationship”; it was not appropriate for him to do Makeup Extrapolation and say “Because you like to wear eyeliner and mascara at the same time, you must be hiding behind an emotionless mask.” It’s possible that you have shied away from deep connections in your relationships, but that is not caused by the fact that you like to wear nice suits or YSL foundation.

If you’re looking to examine and change how you act in relationships, that’s absolutely fine, but you can do that with as much or as little makeup on as you wish. Unemployed boyfriend: My boyfriend “Paul” has been unemployed since college.

Therapy is not something you resort to because someone has failed; if your counselor was making your wife feel like a failure, then you need a new counselor. Have you tried to help your wife by attempting to help keep the house clean yourself?

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