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Beware of pickpockets and other fraudsters in and around these areas.Malaysian law is pretty strict on native Malay muslims drinking, as a result it is unlikely to encounter Malay girls at night.

You may find Chinese and Malay hookers working for money and offering sexual services for the locals and the tourists.

In case you are visiting a place where brothel based activities are prevalent, then try and remain cautious about each and every thing.

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Each would rent a unit and operate their 'business' there.

Potential customers from all parts of Malaysia and even Singapore have been flocking to the area, seeking the women's services.Apart from that, the red light districts of the place are pretty well known for having the availability of sexual services and other adult recreational elements.One can also expect to find sex workers and prostitutes offering their extra services at various spas, massage parlors, salons and the likes.Price for sex with prostitute in Johor Bahru is 80 - 150RM.Johor Bahru’s red light districts have brothel based and freelancer sex workers offering their services in exchange of money.This red light district in Johor Bahru is famous for nightclubs and bars.

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