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Schlee says that his free flirt white giveaway isn’t a direct alternative to a loyalty scheme but works mainly as a piece of staff motivation.

He doesn’t even position the gifts as a reward for frequent managers, Rather than provide handouts for good-looking people, Pret could invest in this approach and bring longer-term brand benefits as opposed to the risks involved with a haphazard favouring of one customer over another Less than exhaustive research among Pret staff (I have just been in and asked), reveals a slightly different story. Especially when Schlee has ambitions to play in the big league and match the scale of Mc Donald’s., based around a plastic loyalty card and mobile app, is doing in terms of making payment easier, encouraging the trial of new products, and rewarding specific groups of customers who deserve a big hug.

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is achieving with its loyalty stamp card (a free coffee for every nine you buy).

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