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The regulation does apply to lending activities that take place within the United States (as well as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and any territory or possession of the United States), whether or not the applicant is a citizen. If a credit card issuer terminates the open-end account of a customer because the customer has moved out of the card issuer's service area, the termination is adverse action unless termination on this ground was explicitly provided for in the credit agreement between the parties. If a mortgagor sells or transfers mortgaged property without the consent of the mortgagee, and the mortgagee exercises its contractual right to accelerate the mortgage loan, the mortgagee may treat the mortgagor as being in default.

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(See comment 2(e)-1 for treatment of a purchaser who requests to assume the loan.) 2.

The term adverse action does not include a creditor's termination of an account when the accountholder is currently in default or delinquent on that account.

[Table of Contents] [Previous Page] [Next Page] [Search] Supplement I to Part 1002— Official Interpretations Following is an official interpretation of Regulation B (12 CFR Part 1002) issued by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. 1601 Section 706(e) of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act protects a creditor from civil liability for any act done or omitted in good faith in conformity with an interpretation issued by a duly authorized official of the Bureau.

References are to sections of the regulation or the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (15 U. This commentary is the means by which the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection issues official interpretations of Regulation B.

2(j) Regulation B covers a wider range of credit transactions than Regulation Z (Truth in Lending).

Under Regulation B, a transaction is credit if there is a right to defer payment of a debt-regardless of whether the credit is for personal or commercial purposes, the number of installments required for repayment, or whether the transaction is subject to a finance charge.

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Food availability and food hygiene are compromised every day by diseases and pests that plague plants and animals as well as various types of contaminants. [...] From 7 – 18 November, FAO hosted a training-of-trainers on its Pesticide Registration Toolkit.

A consumer calls to ask about loan terms and an employee explains the creditor's basic loan terms, such as interest rates, loan-to-value ratio, and debt-to-income ratio. A consumer calls to ask about interest rates for car loans, and, in order to quote the appropriate rate, the loan officer asks for the make and sales price of the car and the amount of the downpayment, then gives the consumer the rate. A consumer asks about terms for a loan to purchase a home and tells the loan officer her income and intended downpayment, but the loan officer only explains the creditor's loan-to-value ratio policy and other basic lending policies, without telling the consumer whether she qualifies for the loan. A consumer calls to ask about terms for a loan to purchase vacant land and states his income and the sales price of the property to be financed, and asks whether he qualifies for a loan; the employee responds by describing the general lending policies, explaining that he would need to look at all of the consumer's qualifications before making a decision, and offering to send an application form to the consumer. An application for credit includes the following situations: i.

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