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@mindcrafted : if you have both a graphic card and an integrated chipset, try to force your browser running on your graphic card : Hey, @Yagni pls add cliffs and trees on the game, and also make a game of Mirana. and also the floor in all your games(Meat Hook Trainer, QWEX) are black, but i see the leaves they are fine, but the floor is black, on youtube when everybody playsit, i see there floors colored green(grass) I dunno whats the problem, its either the game or my laptop.

I also just have a 1gb RAM and Unity Web Player already updated.

If you are having problems logging in and need to contact them, email them at [email protected] submit your complains.

They don't have a customer phone helpline, so don't expect a fast response from the website's support team via email.

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