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Whether you are looking to train, entertain, trim down or even spy on your pet, there’s a wealth of tech products for cats and dogs.Alex Frith of dog blog Barkarama has tried and tested a range of products to bring you the most effective and useful. Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser: £110, Amazon If you and your pet suffer from separation anxiety, this camera will help keep you connected on the go.The inner features six rotating compartments to spread out their treats or daily serving of dry food, making it a great slow feeder for overenthusiastic eaters.

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However, for dogs the most important piece of pet tech is a microchip with up-to-date contact details, which is now a legal requirement for all dogs and owners within the UK.

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The harness fits easily over your dog’s head, fastens on either side of their body and is adjustable to fit 7 to 54kg dogs. Sure Feed Microchip Pet Feeder: £77.99, Amazon This clever feeder is activated to open by your pet’s microchip (now a legal requirement for UK dog owners).

Once the harness is in place, set your camera to record and attach to either the chest or back dependent on what kind of view you are after. It’s designed to alleviate the problems of food theft in multi-dog households, prevent overeating or ensure that a prescription diet is consumed by the correct pet.

Priced at approximately £20 for an individual pack, the disposable trays are designed to last for up for four weeks after which time simply remove from the bottom of the litter box, chuck and replace.

Great for busy owners, or those who are easily grossed out.

Buy now Verdict For the owner who can’t bear to be apart from their furry best friend, the Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera offers you your dog fix, and your dog a tasty reward for their affections.

At less than £25, the Froli Cat Bolt Pet Laser Toy is an inexpensive buy to satisfy your cat’s natural instinct without the mess of flying feathers.

Worn in addition to, not in place of your dog’s collar, this is designed to make your pooch visible to traffic and fellow pedestrians, and to help you keep tabs on them if they are walking off-lead.

It’s 100 per cent waterproof and designed to fit straight over your dog’s head prompting a sensor to switch it on.

With a solid and waterproof design, and a battery that lasts for over a year, the Pit Pat is suitable for all day wear. High spec functions include motion, sounds and temperature alerts (to ensure your pet’s pad is not too hot or cold), two-way audio for owner-dog chat and infrared night vision to spy on your dog’s nocturnal habits. Go Pro GP2038 Fetch Dog Harness: £39, Currys From exploring the mountains to riding the waves, the Go Pro Fetch harness is for the adventurous hound.

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