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I try not to take it personal, because I know some bitches can't help themselves.

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Glass of bubbly in one hand and the other clamped firmly on my thigh, the man sitting opposite lunged forward, muttered something under his breath and gave me a slobbery kiss. Here I was on a first date and all I wanted to do was run out of the restaurant screaming. I’d only seen a blurry photo of him and had a brief online chat but he seemed decent enough.

Meeting him face to face was a different matter, however.

This clandestine Hollywood hideaway made the Playboy Mansion seem like a rec center, but for the record, I love the Playboy Mansion.

But I digress, the only sexual pointers I'm able to offer as a little person are from experience with the opposite sex; brawny stouthearted specimens, Mmmm men.

Here are some tips direct from my early 70s-elegance Hollywood Regency powder blue boudoir of seduction:1) Common misconceptions.

Yes, an average-size man's penis will fit into a female little person's vagina.His photo was years out of date and he had lied about his height. He was a midget with a comb-over and the conversational skills of a libidinous teenager.Which is why when I read that in 20 years’ time half of us will be meeting our partners on the internet I was horrified.I mean, there are like five little people in the world, what the heck am I supposed to do?My Latin DNA imposes an insatiable appetite, which as an upstanding Mexican spitfire, I must honor. I wish I could say I've tried it all, sexually, women included.I have never thought of my sex life as anything to be curious about or different than the average person.

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