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Both he and his co-star are effortlessly funny & natural. MSR was gross and had heart, and I'm big on both those things.

And the ending was one of the most shocking and hysterical and memorable moments i've seen on screen for a looooooong time.

Music journalist Paolo Hewitt commented about this version of Dexys: "Dexys wouldn't make a record unless they thought it was great.

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Meak head clerk Kees Popinga realises at the same time as the police that owner De Koster has stripped his Dutch company clean because of his infatuation with Parisian girl Michelle.

After a confrontation between the two men De Koster ends up dead and Popinga makes off to Paris with the remaining money.

It also cited Rowland's suggestion that "they might learn new instruments" as a reason for their displeasure.

In April, Dexys prevailed to win their release from EMI, although without the financial support of a label, they were unable to mount the spring tour that had planned and had to settle for playing only five dates, including one recorded by BBC Radio 1.

They asked, without success, that EMI not release the single; without promotion, the single flopped.

Later in March 1981, an ad appeared in which Rowland stated that the previous members of the band had "hatched a plot to throw Kevin out and still carry on under the same name".

The band broke up in 1987, with Rowland becoming a solo artist.

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