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T-Mobile's Web Guard filter is meant to prevent younger customers from browsing adult content on the web — but according to the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), what actually gets blocked can be quite random.

T-Mobile says that Web Guard is designed to restrict access to content that falls under 12 different adult categories, which include alcohol, pornography, and suicide.

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With a tablet or phone on a wireless carrier, the best solution would be to set Parental Controls that block web browsers and download and install the free Kidz Search App which will filter adult content search results and block websites from being directly entered.

At the very least, just use a Safe Search website, such as Kidz 2.) Click on the details section of your wireless provider.

Please note that nothing is 100% perfect, so we still suggest always having adult supervision around when kids are online.

i Pad, i Phone and Android Mobile Devices 1.) Go to your Settings section and tap on your Wi Fi icon.

It is also a lot simpler in case your are not able to configure Open DNS on your device, even for home use.

However, we still suggest always using Open DNS if possible for added safety.

Alternative DNS Services to Block Porn Sites The following services can also be used to block adult content.

It is often just a matter of personal preference when choosing what is best for you.

You should still use Kidz as your search engine since you need to know what safe sites are available that won’t get blocked by Open DNS.

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