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The script itself and its features are amazing, and on top of that, the support is outstanding!

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Then I’ll explain things, and you can hear it again. Let me explain the context, and the main points of the sketch.

There’s a script available for this sketch on my webpage. You might need to “read between the lines” which means look beyond what is just being said in order to discover the hidden meanings or suggestions at work. *Sketch starts – “A Bit of a Chat”* (See below for the script) What happened?

I wanted some template modifications and some features put in, and their developers were more than willing to help me out!

I’d love to tell you all about this show, and the people who made it.

The boys never mixed with girls and grew up to be pretty clueless about sex. It’s a beautiful thing in the right hands, and there’s no need to think less of your mother because of it. No passion, just plain dedication to his job; the rational understanding of psychology at the expense of natural human emotions and feelings, which is unnatural and ridiculous, as well as frustrating.

Kids and their parents didn’t spend a lot of time together, because of the boarding schools, and a father was more like a master than a friendly Dad. the line about “there’s a cup of tea in here if you’d like one” means – come and sit down because I need to talk to you. It could be a wider statement about psychiatry, but let’s not analyse it too much.

” So, I’ve decided to just skip through all the stuff about the history of comedy and go straight to a couple of sketches, tell you about them, help you to understand them, and then later in this episode I’ll give you a little history lesson on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and their place in the history of pop culture, and then not only will you be able to enjoy their comedy, but you’ll learn more about British cultural history. I’m just going to explain the context for you and then you can listen to it, and see if you get what’s going on.

First sketch: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore “A bit of a chat” aka “The facts of life” In this scene you’ll hear a father talking to his son about a slightly sensitive topic.

Vocabulary It seems that very posh people, from this period, often don’t really say exactly what they mean. The lad doesn’t want to, because, well, it’s probably awkward to talk to the old man, and this sounds like it could be serious. Roger, your mother and I were having a bit of a chat the other day, and she thought it might be a good idea if I was to have a bit of a chat with you. It’s just funny listening to the reactions, and the nicely written lines.

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