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Once Tinder is provided access, it runs a search of a user’s preferences against friends and friends of friends on friends list and also looks for known Tinder users in any geographical area to look for matches.Each user looks at photos other users have posted and show approval or disapproval.

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Here are some of the most common apps, how they work and why you should be cautious if your teen is using these dating apps.

Tinder Classically the word “tinder” refers to some dried out flammable material that only takes a tiny spark before igniting into a roaring flame.

Blendr has the option to link with a user’s Facebook page and contacts, but these are not required.

Blendr works by finding other Blendr users in any geographical location and showing users photos of each other.

Many couples have met each other while using the app who would otherwise hardly crossed paths.

The app is not suitable for teens because they say so in their Terms.Each user grades the photo’s attractiveness at face value and positive matches lead to conversations within the app and often leads to meeting face-to-face pretty quickly.Adult singles use the app while at concerts, sporting events, out shopping or even at home.It goes without saying that most parents don’t want to find their teens using dating apps on their smartphones and tablets.But do you know the names of some popular dating apps?The app is plagued with users who share and post naked pictures within the app, either as a joke or as a mistakenly held notion that it would help generate interest.

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