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Trevor's paranoia stems from his recent experience with law enforcement.In 2012, he was convicted of "knowingly possessing child pornography," but maintains his innocence.

Because sex offenders cannot be entirely banished from the internet, the company developed software that helps untrained officers quickly review all images and videos on an offender's computer and search for sexual phrases and keywords in URL histories, chat logs and emails, with the goal of catching the offender in any behavior that points to re-offense.

With these monitoring practices, all privacy is eliminated; even mundane and legal computer activity becomes open to law enforcement scrutiny.

" With five months in jail and eight months of parole behind him, and four years of probation to go, Trevor finds himself contemplating the artificial intelligence of a Furby, and its threat to his future.

Later, during a mandatory polygraph test, a police officer slid a pen and paper toward Trevor, demanding that he write down every username and online alias he has ever had.

"When it says no computers, I'm just like, well, where's the line there? There's a computer inside essentially everything that's electronic at this point.

I wouldn't even know where that line is, where they're considering what's a computer or not." This is the state of technology and the law when it comes to registered sex offenders - ignorance, confusion, misinformation and conflicting court decisions.As a registered sex offender, Trevor must abide by a bewildering array of rules, regulations and restrictions.He was introduced to the maze upon parole: He wasn't supposed to use a computer or the internet, but his parole officer didn't initially inform him of these constraints.Trevor, a young, self-identified "freaky queer video/net artist," found this request laughable and troublingly out-of-touch."They didn't even understand that any time you comment on anything on a site you have to usually create a username, or any of the endless crap you have to create accounts for online," he said.It enhances community safety simply by its presence." But some advocates argue that this psychological effect doesn't enhance community safety; it merely cripples the lives, opportunities and well-being of sex offenders.

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