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W naszej ofercie znajdziecie Państwo buty do tańca wykonane z satyny lub skóry na specjalnej miękkiej podeszwie z łosiówki, która naturalnie pomaga kontrolować poślizg na parkiecie.

Jeśli ktoś bardzo kocha latino powinien posiadać takie buty, aby poczuć się spełnionym w tańcu.

It’s slow, it’s more sensual, whereas Salsa is very fast – it’s all about fast turns, it’s very showy whereas Bachata’s more about a lot of body movement and fluidity – the style. The next year we competed again in Bachata and came second in the Australian National Competition.

So we put more Lyrical based show and trick moves into our routines for Bachata. Last year we did our first Salsa comp and won, and we did New Zealand Dance Sport – they added Street Latin and we won both of the two divisions we went into.

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Bachata is originally from the Dominican Republic but now it’s recognised worldwide and it’s becoming more technical than ever. I went to WAPPA for 3 months, came back and decided to finish Year 12 and then I danced commercially in Japan; did Carnival Cruise Lines for a few years and India for three years. ““If you go back even just five years, the Street Latin scene was very non-technical. All around the world it’s becoming a very technical, strong style, so you have to be trained.

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