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Using a debit card is also easier and faster than writing a check.

It's a good way to pay for purchases without having to pay interest, as you would if using a credit card with an outstanding balance.

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Or, there could be a charge if you use your debit card as an ATM card at a machine that is not operated by your financial institution.

As with other bank products, your financial institution must provide disclosures explaining the possible fees associated with a debit card.

You can even use your debit card to get cash when you make purchases at a store. Examples: Some banks charge a fee if you enter a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to conduct a transaction instead of signing your name.

You may trigger a fee if you overdraw your account using your debit card, just as you would if you "bounced" a check.

While in many cases you are not responsible for unauthorized transactions (see federal protections described later), it can be a hassle resolving the situation.

Here's how to avoid becoming a victim: The federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) protects you from errors, loss or theft of your debit card.That means there would be little time to make a deposit to cover a purchase, if necessary.In addition, even though a transaction was approved, you may overdraw your account because the bank won't know what other withdrawals you have made that day until it settles all transactions later that day.Yes, in certain circumstances, merchants can take these steps as protection against fraud, errors or other losses.One common situation involves a hotel putting a hold on a certain amount when you use a debit card (or credit card) to reserve a room.Or, suppose you don't realize you have only 0 in your bank account and you want to use your debit card to buy a 0 item.

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