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“They can be very clever, even going to the trouble of setting up clone websites that collect information such as credit card and banking details – and that kind of information is gold for the scammer.If they can trick you into disclosing a password, they will steal your money, your identity, and more.” A decade ago, Emm says, hackers would trick their victims into downloading malware (short for “malicious software”: software designed to go undetected while it accesses or damages other computers), but today they are paying more attention to “insecure” websites from which they can extract useful information.(For the record, does not ask for a deposit; that’s one of its attractions.) Victims are told to expect an email confirming the booking, thereby softening them up for the email, which does confirm, but informs them the high demand requires that the hotel obtain payment in advance this time, so would they please send the full amount due for the booking immediately.

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A Cape Town journalist responds to an online advertisement for a camera package at a very attractive price.

He promptly orders it, paying R5 595, plus a R200 delivery charge, via EFT (electronic funds transfer), rather than the more conventional credit card.

Papers filed at the Western Cape High Court suggested more than R5 million was deposited into five Absa bank accounts that were subsequently frozen after the Asset Forfeiture Unit obtained a court preservation order.

The paper said the suspected syndicate of scamsters, including a Nigerian man thought to be a key figure in the syndicate, was under investigation for fraud and money-laundering after an American woman raised the alarm.

The man reportedly provided one victim with a South African cellphone number and mailing address.

The bad news (almost always painfully obvious after the event) is that you will not be receiving a huge windfall after your email address was selected in a Yahoo!

“Many people are happy to book online and make no effort to verify the reservation, because they’re too busy to make a phone call. What’s annoying is that this kind of fraud is not only costly for the victim; our members also have to deal with the fallout, even though it’s not their fault,” Hunter says.

Here’s the thing: although we should be wise to scamsters by now, and on our guard at all times, evidence suggests that many people are either unaware of increasingly sophisticated attacks from many directions or simply don’t care, assuming that it couldn’t happen to them or it is someone else’s problem. The fact is the cyberspace battlefield is just that – an ever-changing, distinctly dangerous place, characterised by clever traps, diabolical “hooking” strategies (it’s hard to resist a must-have gadget or “holiday special” at an unbelievably low price) and very real threats to your money, your privacy, your reputation and, in extreme cases, even the physical well-being of you and your family.

Some scams rely on the uniquely human qualities of loneliness and compassion, while others exploit the less palatable frailty we call greed.

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