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After my whopping 25 dollar purchase trial, I never got so much spam in my life LOL.

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You can't even do a "search" on people in the area or a certain critera. And I'm stumped why this thread would stay on line when I tried to warn others about Together of Houston and the thread was booted off. LIBi love it when they send you that fake wink crap from someone in australia. dont forget true-adult friend finder-reds-passion ads- the list goes on naseum way this ones kool. I joined during some "free" thing they offered one time. One guy clearly stated that he was gay and looking for a man! I would NEVER pay for a dating site, or any similar site for that matter... I know a couple who met on there, moved to Arizona, and now have a 9 month old adorable baby girl whom I'm a nanny to....

The month that my subscription was due to expire, I started receiving more matches.

And you can't even view the persons pictures to see if you are at least attracted to them before you fork out big bucks to pay for that month, 6 months, or yearly rate. If you want to be a fool and pay that much money go ahead. No you don't's colder than a 'witch's you-know-what' tonight, and to remain on the cool side for the rest of the week.

You have to "wait" till they send you a match personally. Apparently they are offering a free trial for a reason!!!!! most here are down to will acknowledge you(nicely) whether they are interested or not.

Out of all the profiles on there, only 2 guys were on there that I would consider to be attractive. Of course, I could only READ the emails if I paid to join again. Eharmony would send me 10 matches when I first joined, then MAYbe 2-3 a month after that. I wish I'd found Po F sooner and avoided paying those jerks for.... i tried a few paid site and found them a complete waste of time and money,i think the probs start when women are allowed to join for free ans some actually get gift given to them to waste guys credits,and yes they all seem to have the same old format and fake winks but i guess there are one or two real but tis would be allmost impossible to pick out which one is real and what ones not,they didnt want my good money those paid sites so good luck to them lol. Out of all the profiles on there, only 2 guys were on there that I would consider to be attractive.

Sure seemed suspicious when I started getting "winks" the week before my subscription expired, and then a couple of emails AFTER it expired.

I live in the Midwest (Indiana, to be specific) which is its own special kind of torture when it comes to meeting eligible men. In fact, if you tie the knot by the time you're 22, you win a prize! As mentioned above, dating in the Midwest has an end game: marriage and kids. But it also means that if you haven't yet happened to grab these Game of Life tokens by the time you're 30, there's a very high percentage that whoever you end up dating is already going to have kids. I prefer to date someone taller than me by at least three inches, and at 5'7", it has been a struggle. And I really would like to erase your profile photo of you holding a gun after the "big kill" from my brain. However, no matter how "big" this city seems sometimes I'm constantly reminded how small it truly is. But for those of us who don't "do the Jesus," as my godson used to call it, you're not left with many options. Personally, I'd prefer someone who shares my agnostic, please-leave-God-out-of-our-relationship view on things.9. The single girl to single guy ratio seems to be vastly off balance—in favor of the dudes. Whatever it is, there are far more single ladies looking for a partner than there are single men.

Because here in the Midwest we like to get married and have kids young. I may be in the Midwestern minority, but I've never shot a gun. I don't find guns "neat." I don't want to go on a date to the gun range. I call Indianapolis the Big Little because, while it's certainly not New York or Chicago, it's still relatively metroplitan.

And it couldn't even match me with someone that was even within 100 miles of me.

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