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He would return moments later to murder Burnham in cold blood."One guy every time we went out to dinner he gave me 0 and all we did was literally talk.

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Although posts are anonymous, the app displays the area you are posting from.

You can also search for users posting within a mile from you.

One man in Seattle, Washington, was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl he met on this app in 2013. It is a Q and A site that allows users to ask other users questions while remaining anonymous. YIK YAKAn app that allows users to post text-only "Yaks" of up to 200 characters.

Kids will often ask repeated derogatory questions that target one person. The messages can be viewed by the 500 Yakkers who are closest to the person who wrote the Yak, as determined by GPS tracking.

However, the "snaps" can easily be recovered and the receiver can take a screen shot then share it with others.

Also, a lot of images from Snapchat get posted to revenge porn sites, called "snap porn." 3.Due to the anonymity, kids are posting pics of other kids with derogatory text superimposed on the image.Also, users do not have to register to use Whisper and can use the app to communicate with other users nearby through GPS.What you thought was going to be a confrontation between an enraged father accosting another man he believed to be gay turns into a painful scene of a deeply closeted man making a clumsy pass at Burnham.When the object of his affection politely rebuffs his overture, Fitts slowly walks back into the rain.A quick look at the app shows that online relationships are forming through the use of this app, but without users knowing the person behind the computer or phone.

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