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On the way there is a bench that sits in the middle of the town facing the intersection, as soon as I sat down to rest... i love reading about other people urinating in public.

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When i was younger i use to go to my brothers baseball games.

Well i would get bored and they were usually at this school with lots of paths through the woods.

Pour le savoir, il suffit d’observer attentivement le chat.

Si celui-ci émet des jets d’urine à environ 20 cm de sol sur des surfaces verticales alors il y a fort à parier que cela soit du marquage urinaire (Lire « Différence entre malpropreté et marquage urinaire »).

Il souhaite attirer ainsi l’attention de son maître ou il ne peut tout simplement pas se retenir.

Il peut s’agir notamment d’un souci urinaire (lire : « Le syndrome urologique félin, c’est quoi ?

So I would go for a walk on the paths and when I felt the need I would just lower my pants and pee right in the middle...

Il peut arriver qu’un chat urine partout hors de sa litière.

since I was a lot younger, but I've always really liked the thrill of ******* in public.

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