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showing that body-cameras reduced the use of force and complaints against the police in Railto, Calif.Body-cams are only the latest type of camera to be used in policing, and as we set out to explore the science of the video surveillance devices used in law enforcement, we realized why the California study was so noteworthy: Scientific studies on cameras in law enforcement are scarce.To solve this bottleneck, computer fields come with many new technologies including Dynamic DNS (DDNS), SIP protocol and more.

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At the funerals, police have turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The death of Michael Brown, 18, from police gunshots in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug.

Cameras seem promising, but remember that Garner’s death only aroused such a furious reaction because his last minutes were captured on a bystander’s cell-phone video.

Despite this frightening footage — and even after the medical examiner labeled Garner’s death “homicide” — the district attorney declined to prosecute the police who took him down in a chokehold.

Just input the Device ID and password, without network configuration, your IP camera can connect to network for remotely monitoring. The simple answer is "Peer to Peer" or P2P technology.

P2P technology can allow camera communicates with other network devices without complicated network settings. When we talk about the Peer to Peer technology, Bit Torrent comes to my mind.Since P2P connection may bypass your firewall, and video files are confidential for users.Many IP cameras such as Unifore's e Robot IP camera adopts encryption connection to secure your data transmission.Choice of applicable rules and procedures The rules and procedures under which a sponsored arbitration is administered may be selected by the parties from a list of published rules of major ADR providers.With the consent of the arbitrator(s), the rules selected by the parties may be amended to suit any special needs of the parties in a particular proceeding.The advantage of P2P technology Based on above features, there are many P2P technology based solutions including: File and content sharing, Napster, Bit Torrent, emule and more; Distributed computing and storage sharing, [email protected], Avaki, Popular Power; co-processing with shared services platform, JXTA, NET MY Service; communication and collaboration, Skype, MSN, OICQ.

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