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As you remember, Shodan indexes the information from the banners it pulls from web-enabled devices.These include routers, switches, webcams, traffic lights, SCADA systems, and even home security systems.You can select them by country, city, popularity, age & more.

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We covered the state of online privacy in a recent mini-series, outlining particulars about covering your tracks on services like Facebook, search engines, and even torrents.

Adding to those articles, we thought it'd be handy to provide a short tip explaining how you can automatically start today's most popular browsers in private mode.

In my last post, I showed you how to find specific routers at a specific location, at a specific IP.

In this tutorial, we will look to find webcams that are either unprotected or will allow us to log in with the default credentials, so come along a ride in voyeurism via the World Wide Web! Usually, using the name of the manufacturer of the webcam is a good start.

If we were interested in webcams by the manufacturer Webcam XP in Australia, we could find them by typing: Shodan even enables us to be very specific in searching for web-enabled devices.

In some cases, we can specify the longitude and latitude of the devices we want to find.Don't limit yourself to Webcam XP, but instead try each of the webcam manufacturers at a specific location and who knows what you will find!People have been making a lot of noise as of late over privacy on the Internet -- and rightfully so.Say, you are working and falling asleep at your desk. It is possible when your boss has installed a control-, security-, safety- or other kind of webcam.Visit the site of Opentopia for hundreds of streaming webcams all over the world. In a special chapter (scroll down) you find dozens of search commands to use with Google, and you find thousands of sometimes very surprising webcams, anywhere.The first step is to try the default username and password.

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