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One Direction, a name Harry suggested, performed for the first time in an episode filmed at show producer and talent judge Simon Cowell’s palatial home in Spain, where they covered Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”: Illusion never changed/ Into something real/ I’m wide awake and I can see/ The perfect sky is torn. When the group placed third on the show, Zayn winked into the camera and told the audience, “This isn’t the last of One Direction,” and, within the month, it was announced they’d signed a .1 million contract with Cowell’s label, Syco. In between albums, they toured the globe relentlessly, in 2014 pulling in 0 million in ticket sales alone.One Direction released a platinum-selling album every November from 2011 to 2014. A decade after *NSYNC broke up, One Direction invigorated the boy band model by injecting every calculated thing they did with a dose of genuine-seeming anarchy.The reason I woke up is because my mom came in the room and was like, ‘You have to go audition for this show.’ I felt like I had to do it because I owed it to her.” He made the cut, but in the show’s televised “bootcamp” he exhibited a costly shyness about dancing and failed to qualify for the next round.

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His try-out song was “Let Me Love You,” a 2004 hit by the R&B singer Mario.

“My main influences in music came from my dad,” Zayn says now. Kelly, a lot of Usher, a lot of Donell Jones, a lot of Prince.

“The neighborhoods I came from were not like this.” He was born in a working-class neighborhood in Bradford, a city in northern England, and the influence on his accent is unmistakable: words turn sporadically melodic as every U and A is pronounced like an O.

“The whole vibe of Bradford is influential,” he says.

He used to play a lot of rap as well, 2Pac and Biggie.

A lot of bop, a lot of reggae, Gregory Isaac and weird artists like Yellowman.” While Zayn always imagined singing on the show, he wouldn’t have actually tried out if it weren’t for his mom.“This is my dream house,” he tells me, once the pictures are done.We’re settled into his backyard pub with some Beck’s, and he’s fired up a spliff.It’s been seven months since Zayn quit One Direction, one of the biggest bands in the world and his employer for five formative years.His house is a symbol of everything he achieved during that time—and his unease about those very same achievements.He has stepped into this photoshoot straight after emerging from inside the house and distributing handshakes among a 12-person crew amassed around him.

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