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If you have less, you need to delete some other applications and/or unused music and photos before installing Horse Haven. Come back each day, for 30 days in a row, to claim 35 Diamonds a day. To refill their 'Energy', simply do some Stable activities with them, such as grooming, feeding, muck-out and free roaming. Your Horse Haven account is linked to your Game Center or Google Play Games account. Please contact support with your purchase receipt for further assistance. If you cannot enter the game, please email our support directly and provide them with your Game Center name and/or Facebook profile link.Sign in to either of these on your phone to access your saved game.. I'm connected to Facebook; why can't I see my friends? Please, contact our Customer Support with such request (here's how to) or delete the Horse Haven from your phone, sign in with a Game Center or Google Play Games account that is not linked to any Horse Haven account and reinstall Horse Haven. I bought something with real money but didn't receive the item. You can contact support at: [email protected] have a total of 13 horses plus 2 in the breeding stables because I'm out of room.

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This is not surprising, as specific individual pages on Craigslist regularly appear in block lists because of their content.

The only way around this is when you encounter a specific page that is blocked that you don't want blocked, you will need to specifically allow it by going to Settings No.

I don't add these web sites to the restricted list. Please include in your question a screenshot of your Restrictions in Settings, that might help us figure out what the issue [email protected] I don't understand your question then.

Is the i Phone sending every page I visit to Apple? If you wish to visit all websites, select All Websites.

Setting is currently set to limit adult content which allows me to use a white list and blacklist. Based on your question, I assume you've limited adult content and every so often you'll try accessing a site that i OS has restricted.

See this is the BS I'm talking about: i OS 10.1.1 I wasn't referring to the specific website, I was speaking of Restrictions in general.

Similarly, performing adult centric web searches are blocked directly, with no search results being returned. Notice how it's labelled Limit Adult Content, because i OS website restrictions are not 100% perfect at blocking all inappropriate content. In terms of the issue you're now trying to cover, that's really a separate issue.

It's also not designed to block only pornographic sites, but as many sites as possible relating to adult themed material (that's why Apple often gets accused of making its filter too strong). I have not personally worked on i OS itself, but I imagine part of the filtering process involves running a check of sites being visited against a master list that is regularly updated. I notice you edited your question so I did a test on my i Phone 6s running i OS 10.2 and enabled Limit Adult Content in restrictions.

With Game Center or Google Account, you can play in different devices without losing your progression, and you can also add your Game Center friends to play with. On some devices, the operating system doesn't inform you if you have run out of space.

We strongly recommend you to log in Game Center or Google Account when playing Horse Haven World Adventure.

Random surfing will encounter a random restricted site. To Limit Adult Content by "apply[ing] a filter that tries to prevent users from viewing websites with adult content in Safari", choose that option, and add any websites you wish to be able to visit to the whitelist.

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