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We were'nt paicualary rich; just had a better life than others. Everyone was stunck on the incest-is-ververyveryveryvery-bad rule, me and Rin hadn't shared a goodnight kiss in years, and the beilef of no intercourse before you're married was all in your face. The fact everyone in my house was against me even having a girfriend, it didn't matter who, I was banned from even looking at another woman, mothers rule.

She wasn't my girlfrend; she was my twin sister, my best friend, and not mention, my crush. Neither of us were popular, too polite and well-mannered.

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Their surnames came from the Japanese words for mirror Rin & Len were developed by Crypton Future Media using Yamaha's Vocaloid 2.

Their voices were created by taking vocal samples from voice actress Asami Shimoda at a controlled pitch and tone.

This package contains six Japanese vocals, three for Rin and three for Len. Rin's vocals are "Power EVEC," "Warm" and "Sweet" while Len's are "Power EVEC," "Cold" and "Serious." EVEC is a new system developed for Piapro Studios which allows delicate changes to how phonetic sounds sound.

There are two options for the EVEC vocals: "Power" and "Soft." All Rin and Len vocals can use the new Cross-Synthesis system developed for Vocaloid4, though are limited to only being able to do so with other vocals of their assign character of "Rin" or "Len".

Unless you want to get disturbed, review : L Just kidding, it is rated "Mature" for a reason... Boys would find their friends, or girlfriends, and sit and chat.

Then I remembered how alone I always was at times like this..

They received mixed results from producers because compared to Hatsune Miku, they were considered much harder vocals to use.

Asami Shimoda, noted she often received the comment from Vocaloid fans that Rin's voice echoes within their head and makes them feel dizzy, while Len's higher ranges were not favoured by those not fond of the pair entirely.

She had even sent me to an all-boys school to make sure I didn't get used to girls, and even took up most my plans and time with Rin to do stuff I didn't even want to do, like football and walking the dog.

Because, she had planned for me to get married ALREADY.

Despite being released as a masculine character, during the development of VY2 the vocals of Ryuto or Len were not classified as "masculine vocals" and were not considered capable of holding a low masculine tones because of it.

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