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They are always teasing (which many consider sexual harassment) or telling sexual jokes.

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Sex addicts are great at double entendre – words or phrases that might have two meanings, one of them sexual. There are more subtle overtures than this, and sex addicts can be very creative.

Say something in this fashion and the sex addict will smile and point out the sexual content. As the disease progresses, the kinds of inappropriate sexual behavior will get worse.

If you are this person’s sexual partner, does he or she ask for sex incessantly, or never ask you?

Do they point out or notice sexually oriented places like bookstores, massage parlors or striptease bars? Does their conversation seem to center on sexual activity?

Occupational, social, family, professional, and legal difficulties 11. This preoccupation leads them to search for sexual expression of their fantasies. Even though you may not be factually aware of the sexual practices that are taking place, you will have an intuitive sense that something is wrong. Escalating patterns of sexual activity Sexual addiction is a degenerative disease, and the amount or level of activity will get worse.

Inappropriate sexual behavior and overt sexual advances 10. Preoccupation with sexual behaviors Sex addicts will first of all be extremely preoccupied with their own sexual fantasies. Does he or she complain about lack of sex or ask for sexual practices that you don’t enjoy? In a more subtle way, if you live around a sex addict, you will almost have a “feeling” of sexual energy.

People who live, work, or worship with a sex addict might notice these symptoms. In early stages, sex addicts may scan movie reviews to see which ones have sex actually portrayed in them.

While sexual addicts will attempt to conceal their behavior, they usually exhibit some readily observable symptoms. They will devote more and more time to the preoccupation until they get to a point where sexual thoughts and activities are the central organizing principle of their lives. For example, it may seem normal to go to R-rated movies because lots of people do.

Sex addicts are trying to get people to like them by seeming to confide in them.

Sex addicts have lots of acquaintances, but no friends. Resistance to supervision or criticism Since they hide a large part of their daily behavior, sex addicts are not very open to criticism, whether it is constructively given or not.

I met one sex addict who chewed three packs of gum a day while exercising for three hours every day.

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