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Suddenly, police officers ran toward the empty streetcar. ” Baron stopped and, looking closer, saw a lone man inside, holding a knife. What he couldn’t have known was what repercussions the one minute and 37 seconds of video he shot would have for the public, the police and journalism.An officer fired nine shots, and eight of them struck Sammy Yatim.In some cases, dashboard video (from police cruisers) or surveillance video captured the shootings, but that footage didn’t go viral or wasn’t released until much later.

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“It gives an irrefutable record of what happened,” she says.

“If you have video testimony, you really can’t dispute it.” Soon, though, newscasts began to air citizen videos of the incident repeatedly, newspapers ran screenshots of the streetcar and websites embedded the video in their stories.

Cellphones allow the public to capture events as they happen.

Video, Baron says, “provokes an emotional response without having to think about it.” And the existence of video shot by citizen journalists, as in the case of Yatim, leads to more coverage and more in-depth analysis from professional journalists.

Pritchard’s video proved that was false, and the evidence led to perjury charges against all four officers in 2011 (one was acquitted last summer; the others are expected to go to trial this year).

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression presented its first Citizen Journalism Award to Pritchard in 2009.Their subsequent acquittal caused riots and brought issues of police brutality and racial pro- filing to the forefront.An October 2007 video shot by Paul Pritchard captured four RCMP officers repeatedly Tasering Robert Dziekanski, a Polish man immigrating to Canada who had grown agitated after a long flight and hours spent in the airport’s customs area.Martin Baron walked home from a late dinner with his wife and son on a warm July night in Toronto, he saw what appeared to be an empty streetcar stopped in the middle of the road.Brushing it off as just broken down, the family continued walking. Baron pulled his i Phone from his pocket, unlocked it and started recording.James Forcillo as the officer under investigation, some colleagues were concerned about how the Toronto Police Service (TPS) would react.

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