Sec cset 2cam

All CAMs have a limit on the number of channels that they are able to decrypt simultaneously.

The limit depends on the manufacturer, CAM hardware design, firmware, and the encryption systems that the CAM supports.

These are virtual or software tuners that allow you to use TV Server to acces IPTV services from your internet service provider and music streams from popular internet sites like SHOUTcast.

You can control the number of DVB-IP tuners that are available using the "" if you have a Cable CARD tuner or a DVB tuner with a CI slot, CAM and smartcard and you want to use the tuner to receive encrypted channels.

Enabled When a tuner is not enabled TV Server will not use it.

Tick or untick the enabled check box to control whether the tuner is enabled or not.

You should leave the CAM model setting as "" unless you have an Astoncrypt 2 CAM.

Grab EPG Use this setting to enable or prevent TV Server from using the tuner to grab EPG (electronic programme guide) data. Advanced Tuning Options Allow this card to be preloaded Preloading can help to reduce the time that you have to wait when a tuner is used for the first time.

TV Server uses a priority system to decide which tuner to use for timeshifting and recording.

The tuner with the highest priority that is not in use on a different transponder or multiplex will be tried first.

This includes what kind of device the tuner is (PCI, USB, software etc.), and details about the manufacturer, model, revision and instance number.

Normally you'll see two additional tuners in the tuner list: a DVB-IP tuner "" and a Radio Web Stream tuner.

TV Server will prevent other software from using a tuner if "pause" is selected, even when TV Server is not actively using the tuner for timeshifting or recording.3.

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