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In 2017, I became Tutor at the Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education, giving a Summer Course entitled "Jewelled Pages.

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Khamriyya is a joint research project on wine poetry, organised with my colleague Dr K. Jeremias, Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, Piliscsaba (Hungary), 2015. La transmission d'un thème platonicien, des Alexandrins à la philosophie arabo-musulmane. de Bruijn, by Sattareh Farman-Farmaian and Dona Munker, paperback, 544 pages, Corgi Books. This is an outstanding introduction on Iran in the twentieth century!

Dimitriev who is based in the University of St Andrews. Containing a fortuitous but nevertheless essential note on the "Orient Pearls", in I. Actes du colloque international tenu à Leuven et Louvain-la-Neuve, les 17 et 18 novembre 2005 "From culinary recipe to pharmacological secret for a successful wedding night : the scientific background of two images related to fruit in the Xamse of Nezâmi Ganjavi", Festschrift in honour of Professor J. It shows the two poles of modernity and tradition between which the present-day Iranians try to find their identity.

Please contact me by email to discuss your research project before sending in an application well in time before the deadlines (see the page GRADUATE STUDIES, Applying for Graduate Studies).

Classical Persian Literature, Modern Persian poetry, Poetics and Rhetorics, Science and poetry, Nezami Ganjavi, Persian Animal Fables as Mirror for Princes, Kalila wa Dimna, Anvar-i Sohayli, ‘Iyar-e Danesh, Khamriyya, Eskandar, Politics and poetry, Comparative literature, Persia’ s presence in the European world, Codicology, Persian manuscripts and paintings, Botanical representations in classical Persian paintings, Iranian cinema, Rewritings. My fifteenth-century work, named Anvar-i Suhayli, has suffered virulent criticism both in Iran and in the West and was virtually put in the dustbin of Persian studies. – reviving and studying what is tantamount to a forgotten text.

The antics, tantrums and sometimes heroic deeds of the Shahnama heroes, the tongue-in-cheek humour of Sa’di, Hafez’ incomparable elegance and wit…the oh! What an opening to Persian culture and to world wisdom!

A few years later, I came back to Persian studies and started a Ph D, still in French, still at Brussels.

Nezami Ganjavi is never far from my thoughts, naturally.

In 2011, I edited a volume of essays (A Key to the Treasure of the Hakim.

I moved to Cambridge as full-time lecturer in Persian in 2002, when the post was created with the generous endowment of the Soudavar family. Set in a lovely garden (frothing with old roses in May and June!

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