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Imagine what it must be like to come stumbling across a room filled with 500 people having oral sex and screwing their brains out. It all seemed a little too organized for our personally liking but leave it to the Japanese to accomplish a goal. I don't believe in imaginary beings but i'm glad all you hypocritic religious freaks are in touch with your imaginary friends. I wonder how many of the 250 women got pregnant or an STD Imagine the arguments couples had afterwards.Especially if it had anything to do with naked women and sex. "You weren't concentrating on me, you were watching the woman with huge boobs!

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Sex chat filmed

commentary: The sex orgy involving nearly 400 Japanese male tourists and 500 Chinese prostitutes in a Zhuhai hotel was an “abominable” act that has hurt the feelings of Chinese people.

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The entire event was actually filmed and available for purchase on DVD (NSFW! Here is a picture of the cover: Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Well 1 orgy = A Secret rite in worship of varois gods, [some say a celebration with wild drinking, & singing. "More to the point, what kind of normal couple would actually sign up for this?

Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. can a revelry or debauchery ; excessive indulgence in a such an act,.]. The reason I clicked on this was because I wanted to know what made it news. It would be fun to have this on video and watch them all get their rocks off at the same time. The girls all make the same crying-goat noise and the guys are all ugly as hell. It’s set up so all the couples kiss for an excruciating amount of time (the Japanese obviously don’t know how to kiss at all; in involves the men swirling their tongues around the girl’s face while she closes her eyes and tries to imagine she’s shoe shopping), then move on to nipple-twiddling, blowjobs, finger banging, etc, all AT THE SAME TIME and for a certain amount of time.

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Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with. Like to know where I can find a book on sex orgies, with wrintin' dialog & pictures. Where is the roasted offering to Bacchus and Dionysus? There are indeed no drugs and there is no swapping. I just can't believe so many people would agree to it…. One couple getting off would trigger the next and so on. If you look around in the background you can see people being bored or sighing or just out and out faking it. I saw the video online, it was nothing hot or special.

Unbelievable, But SINFUL, I would freak out if I was involved in such a PARTY of filth! By any chance how many chic's & guy's in "Samantha & Company" ; Blue movie d IRECTOR , Paul Thomas,. This should probably be marketed as an educational fitness video instead of pornography…. Think of all the screams of passion, wailing and whining! Isto não é uma coisa normal, pois ha alguns anos atras sodoma e gomorra que eram duas cidades com orgias deste tipo acabaram sendo DESTRUIDAS, depois ficam perguntando porque tem tanta desgraça em alguns paises deste mundo. I sincerely doubt that even one out of the 250 girls there had an orgasm. Shitty camera angles and it sounded like a slaughter house.

By the turn of the century The japanese will make a anouther record 500 chic's & 500 dick's= 1000. 250 couples having sex, by chance at the same place and time, is an orgy? If they would swap between them, ok, but to be an orgy it mus be… a very bad joke…We are trying to organise a similar thing in Sicily. Not that I wouldn't have turned down an invite…. Now, close your browser, get out of your chair and go wash your eyes with soap.. I think I saw it on or either 2adultflashgames.com, either way I wouldn't even watch thr any biger fuc fest in the us whose gott the tunassity too rnt a collaseam n have 10s ofthousnds fucn at the sam tyme cant beleave you havnt evolved yet this imperveass 250 people fucn punnie ass fuc fest lest your on the right trac bump on the log contry usa got all these resorses n still cant get it right we need amsterdam quality leadership least sara palin got the right idia when she was younger bein anews broadcaster she went topless its ashame she lost im in love with her This is nothing.

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