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I can say that the rich must be the person who is very influential to our government.

But I gusee if it is a gathering of government officals in a city, mayor must be the latest to arrive.

The impression you gave us is very friendly, I have many Amercian teachers, teaching us are very nice and hospitality.

Chinese people will still be very friendly apparently, but in his inner side, he must be very angry and when this person need her help. As to the reaction of a American, I have the steropetype that Amercians will point out the persons' rudness straightforwadly. I would hand up the phone immediately, and delete the contact. Well, I'd like to talk to you and I am just a sober guy.

Hello Eliza, I'm Brazilian and I'm trying to find a "friend" to practice English and also exchange some experiences... If you ever wanna learn some Chinese culture, you can add me,skype: icloudle. You can know about my culture and I'd love to know about yours. Since I can not see your Skype id here, I'm gonna give mine to you.

Your KFC and Mc Donalds comment made me laugh a little.

You would not catch me dead in either one of these restaurants.

Hello, Eliza speaking: I want to add some foreigners to be my friend,want to know some culture difference. so maybe I should express like" does Amercian people very open in sex ?

But when we chat with each other, many Internet friends started the topic with sex,such as naked, horny. Could you give me some suggestion when I meet these foreigners? Our interactions have been pretty straightforward and sex has never come up. You know, I learn English and our understanding of western culutre come from countries like United Kingdom, U. " By the way ,thank you very much, you make me realize my misunderstanding~~~~ sex? Many countries, particularly in Europe, see Americans as very closed-minded and repressed about sex.

If I were you, I would simply hang up and delete the contact of anyone who makes you uncomfortable. I have friends from Germany and Spain who say that we Americans are far too uptight. As an American, I think it is strange and rude for people who have just met you start talking about sex on Skype. Maybe it is the particular website you are using to meet these people.

There are lots of people out there, and you may just need to keep trying until you find someone respectable. Most Americans don't start talking about sex with strangers.

A mystery “young attractive woman” is encouraging men to perform sex acts on Skype and then blackmailing them.

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